If you are looking for an OpenPGP software library for .NET Framework, Java, Android, Windows Phone, Xamarin , MS SQL Sever T-SQL or Oracle(c) PL/SQL this is the right place.

DidiSoft products will save you time and money to build OpenPGP encryption into your applications, using our simple API interface.

OpenPGP Library for Java
Complete Java solution
OpenPGP Library for .NET
.NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin
OpenPGP Library for Android
Android optimized solution
 orasftp_small Oracle PGP package   
SFTP for PL/SQL developers
OpenPGP for PL/SQL developers
OpenPGP for MS SQL Server™ T-SQL developers

OpenPGP Key Tool

Freeware Windows application that creates .pgp and .asc keys

What Client’s Say

We needed to generate OpenPGP keys for digital signature and encryption, and add that capability to our application – not an easy thing to do at all. An internet search turned up loads of academic treatments, but no concise implementations, until we found your site. OpenPGP for .NET made a very complex task as easy as child’s play. We received support on a Saturday (which I find amazing) when working with an evaluation copy. And your examples, documentation, and well-constructed APIs have helped us to understand some of the intricacies of this topic that are critical for anyone who needs to add digital signature and encryption to their application using OpenPGP keys. 

Walter J. Zielenski
Applied Business Systems, Inc.

I had a small amount of self-education on pgp encryption, of which I was completely unfamiliar. After I understood this, using the library made it very easy. It only took a few lines of code, and it worked after only a few tries. The application I am building is a critical part of a big implementation. Thanks for the great software. Also, when I was evaluating, I got the prompt answers I needed.

Ron Stamm
IT – Senior Programmer / Analyst
Nu Skin Enterprises
+1 801-345-1000