Javadoc tooltips in Eclipse

This article is a short list of steps to perform in order to see more meaningful tooltips when programming with DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for Java. It assumes that you use Eclipse as your Java IDE.

Download and unpack (or if you have already purchased it)

Start a new Eclipse project and reference the three jars located in the /Bin folder in the location from step 1.

In your project Referenced Libraries section in the Eclipse Package Explorer tab right click pgplib-2.4.jar, select Properties and in the JavaDoc dialog enter the location of the /JavaDoc folder where the library was extracted in step 1.

Set properties for pgplib in Eclipse Set Javadoc location in Eclipse

4. Now the JavaDoc should appear when you type methods or properties of the objects from the library, or simply press F2 when you are over an already typed method.

Javadoc for pgplib shown as Eclipse tooltip

That’s it.