OpenPGP Library for .NET version 1.6.2 has been released

We are happy to announce that update 1.6.2 of OpenPGP Library for .NET is ready for download.

Existing customers can download the update from our Customers Area.

Bellow is a list of the changes in this release:

[*] : Bug
[+] : New
[-] : Removed
[!] : Modification

[+] Added PGPLib.EncryptFile with support for multiple recipients
[+] Added PGPLib.EncryptString with support for multiple recipients
[+] Added PGPLib.EncryptFiles that encrypts multiple files in one PGP archive.
[+] Added PGPLib.EncryptFolder that encrypts a folder with its contents into a single PGP archive.
[+] Added PGPLib.DecryptTo with support for multi file PGP archives.

[*] Fixed bug in PGPLib.DecryptAndVerify when the supplied public key for verification is invalid.
Previously a NullReferenceException was thrown, now an ArgumentException is thrown with detailed information.

[+] Added sub class KeyPairInformation.SubKey – represents sub key in a key ring
[+] Added sub class KeyPairInformation.PublicSubKeys – array with all public sub key in this key ring
[+] Added sub class KeyPairInformation.PrivateSubKeys – array with all private sub key in this key ring
[+] Added KeyPairInformation.Revoked – is this key pair revoked
[+] Added KeyPairInformation.EncryptionKey – can this key be used for encryption
[+] Added KeyPairInformation.SigningKey – can this key be used for signing

[+] Added KeyStore.ContainsKey(long keyId) – returns is there a key with the specified Key Id

[+] Added class RevocationLib that provides Key Revocation features