Deploy OpenPGP Library for Java executable JAR

If you wish to deploy a single executable JAR application that embeds DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for Java (and the BouncyCastle jars as well) the only solution is to embed (package) the three jars of the library within the final executable JAR application.

The reason for this is that the BouncyCastle java security provider must be in a signed jar file, and the code signing certificate for this jar file must be authorized by Oracle to sign security providers.

Below are shown the steps to export your Java desktop application as an executable JAR file through the Eclipse IDE.

1) Right click your project root in the Solution Explorer view in the Eclipse IDE (your project must be in open state)
2) Select “Export …”
3) From the list of available Export options select Java/Runnable JAR file and click the “Next” button
4) On the next dialog “Runnable JAR File Export” from the drop down box “Launch configuration” select the class containing the main method
5) Select the “Export destination:”
6) From the available options for “Library handling:” select “Package required libraries into generated JAR”