OpenPGP Library for Java – updated version

Dear friends,

Below are listed the recent changes in DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for Java.

[*] : Bug
[+] : New
[-] : Removed
[!] : Modification


Release date: June 20 2013

Changes in package com.didisoft.pgp.inspect
[+] Added class SignatureItem – Contains information for an OpenPGP signature
[+] Added method PGPInspectLib.listDetachedSignatureFile – Lists information for an OpenPGP detached signature file
[+] Added method PGPInspectLib.listDetachedSignatureStream – Lists information for an OpenPGP detached signature stream

Release date: May 20 2013

[*] Fixed KeyStore.containsPrivateKey(String) – when invoked with a hexadecimal key id parameter.
It was returning true, even if there was no private key with the given hexadecimal key id.

Release date May 16 2013

Changes in package com.didisoft.pgp
[+] KeyStore.purge – Clears the internal state of this key store.
[+] KeyStore.addUserId – Appends an additional User Id signature to a key
[+] KeyStore.deleteUserId – Removes a user Id signature from a key
[+] KeyStore.changeUserId – Changes an existing user Id signature of a key
[+] KeyStore.changePrimaryUserId – Changes the primary (first) user Id signature of a key
[+] KeyPairInformation.getUserID – Returns the primary (first) user Id of a key

Please drop us a line if you have any notes or questions regarding these updates.