OpenPGP Library for Java, version 2.6.3 is out

Hi there,

We are happy to announce that version 2.6.3 of DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for Java has been published.

A short list of changes in this release can be found below:

[*] : Bug [+] : New [-] : Removed [!] : Modification


Release date September 19 2013

[+] added KeyPairInformation.getPreferredCompressions() – returns array of preferred compression algorithms

[+] added KeyPairInformation.getPreferredCiphers() – returns array of preferred cipher algorithms

[+] added KeyPairInformation.getPreferredHashes() – returns array of preferred hash algorithms

[+] added KeyPairInformation.getSignedWithKeyIds() – returns a list of the key Id’s that have signed this key

[!] When signing a public key with a private key multiple times, the same signature was added also multiple times. This has been fixed and now only one signature from a particular secret key will exists at any time.


Release date August 19 2013

[!] Fixed bug in KeyStore.signPublicKeyAsTrustedIntroducer


Release date August 16 2013

[!] Added additional cleanup logic in order to process verbose keys like the ones provided by the Apache project (e.g.


Release date August 07 2013

[!] The library has been migrated to the latest version of BouncyCastle provider 1.49. It is by default compiled for JDK 5. A backward compatible version that supports BC provier from bcprov-1.41 to bcprov-1.45 that is compiled for JDK 1.4 can be found in the Library/jdk14 folder.


Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any comments or feature requests.

The DidiSoft Team