Setup OraPGP in Oracle (c) Database

This chapter discusses the setup process of DidiSoft OraPGP package providing OpenPGP cryptography in Oracle(c) PL/SQL. It assumes that you are familiar with Oracle(c) Database 11 and above and how to execute commands on the command shell of your operating system.

Table of Contents
1. Setup
2. Upgrade
3. From trial to production
4. Uninstall
5. The user/pass parameter


Step 1) Extract the distribution ZIP archive to a folder, referred below as [extraction folder]

Step 2) Load the JAR files
Load the JAR files using the utility located in the Oracle Database instance /BIN/ folder.
For example on Windows C:\app\User\product\11.1.0\db_1\BIN\loadjava.bat

Replace below user/pass with a real database user name and password applicable for your Oracle Database and host details if needed. Read below for more details regarding the user/pass parameter.

[Windows environment]
loadjava.bat -resolve -verbose -user user/pass [extraction folder]\SetupFiles\jce-jdk13-155.jar
loadjava.bat -resolve -verbose -user user/pass [extraction folder]\SetupFiles\ora-pgp-1.3.jar

[Unix environment] -resolve -verbose -user user/pass [extraction folder]/SetupFiles/jce-jdk13-155.jar -resolve -verbose -user user/pass [extraction folder]/SetupFiles/ora-pgp-1.3.jar

Step 3) Register the ORA_PGP PL/SQL package
using your favorite PL/SQL development environment (SQL*Plus, Oracle(c) SQLDeveloper(c), etc.) execute the PL/SQL scripts located at:

[extraction folder]/SetupFiles/Ora_Pgp_Package.sql
[extraction folder]/SetupFiles/Ora_Pgp_Package_Body.sql

Step 4) Check that everything is working:
Execute in your PL/SQL command environment:


From trial to production

To switch from an evaluation (trial) version of the software to a licensed production version:

1) first Uninstall the trial version
2) then download the production version
3) execute the Setup stepts using the licensed production version


The uninstall process is similar to the Upgrade and requires first to unload the old version JAR files from the Oracle© database:



dropjava.bat -resolve -verbose –user user/pass  [extraction folder]\SetupFiles\jce-ext-jdk13-155.jar

dropjava.bat -resolve -verbose –user user/pass  [extraction folder]\SetupFiles\ora-pgp-<version>.jar

Unix/Linux -r -v -u user/pass  [extraction folder]/SetupFiles/jce-ext-jdk13-155.jar -r -v -u user/pass  [extraction folder]/SetupFiles/ora-pgp-<version>.jar

and afterwards to drop the ORA_PGP package using your favorite PL/SQL execution environment (SQL*Plus, Oracle(c) SQLDeveloper(c), etc.

SQL> drop package ORA_PGP;

Note: Replace above user/password with those used in the initial Setup.

The user/password parameter

The -user parameter of the loadjava and dropjava commands can be simply:

username/password – where username is a user(schema) name in the Oracle Database and password is its password.


username/password@database – in this case database can be a TNS name or Net8 name-value list

If we want to install the script into a remote machine specified with @host:port:SID then the additional -thin parameter must also be used:

loadjava -resolve -verbose -thin -user username/password@host:port:SID