OraRSA Online tutorial and examples

This online tutorial demonstrates the usage of the DidiSoft OraRSA+OraSMIME (ORA_RSA and ORA_SMIME) PL/SQL package.
Intended audience: PL/SQL developers, Oracle DBA’s


ORA_RSA is a PL/SQL package providing functions for performing RSA asymmetric cryptography within the Oracle (c) Database product version 11 and above.  The package supports RSA keys in a wide variety common formats, including .cer/.crt, PEM and DER-encoded keys, .pfx/.p12 (PKCS12) password protected formats.

ORA_SMIME is an additional package that extends UTL_SMTP with support for S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) signed end encrypted emails.

Table of contents

1. Setup ORA_RSA and ORA_SMIME

1. Encrypting
2. Decrypting
3. Creating digital signatures
4. Verifying digital signatures
1. S/MIME signed email with UTL_SMTP
2. S/MIME encrypted email with UTL_SMTP

Exception handling

Appendix A. Exception handling