Purchase Order

If you like to place purchase order (PO) through our payment provider FastSpring, the order process differs slightly from a standard PO.

Please choose the Buy Now button corresponding to the desired product from the purchase page, then choose “Purchase Order” as your payment method. Next follow the on-screen instructions. If all PO information is complete, FastSpring customer service will be able to process your order without delay.

1. Fill out the order form, including your company’s Purchase Order number if applicable.

2. FastSpring will accept your order and provide you with a link to a formal invoice, along with payment instructions. This will be provided on-screen as well as by email. Please print the invoice and submit it to your company’s Accounts Payable for payment.

3. When FastSpring receives payment, they will send confirmation by email to us and we can send the product access to you. So please be sure to include the email address of either your accounts payable department or the end user to ensure delivery.

4. A $3.00 handling fee will be charged by FastSpring and will be added to your invoice. This is to cover processing of payments received by mail. This can be avoided by completing the purchase with a credit card.

If you have more questions about placing purchase order through FastSpring please do not hesitate to Contact FastSpring.